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e.g. from stressed to balanced - a 5 week online program for busy women $267

A 5 session series designed and provided by 2 psychologists with over 25 years of combined clinical experience, you will learn powerful and practical strategies for living your best life. You will cultivate skills of awareness and self-compassion that will give you the power to respond more skillfully to your thoughts, feelings, and difficulties that show up in your life. Deep dive into how you can live with greater confidence and ease to show up authentically and courageously in your busy life.


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This course is for you if

You question “why can’t I do it all?” or get stuck with wanting to do things perfectly.

You feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

You wonder if you are doing the right thing.

Wonder why you are so stressed out and feel like there is never enough time.

Or daydream of being free of all of your responsibilities.

Open to All

Designed to make learning the tools to live your best life more accessible. Join us for 5 online sessions for the same cost as 1 therapy session. By taking the time to learn new tools for responding to the challenges of your life, you will learn:

To thrive despite everyday stresses

Tools for focusing in a busy life

How to shift from doing to being

To build the life you want with kindness (not criticism!)

To let go of difficult things you tell yourself every day

To be resilient; quickly bouncing back from hard stuff

Your instructor


Why an e-course?

We recognize that you may not be able to attend multiple therapy sessions. You may not have time or money, or be interested in attending therapy. This course will teach you the skills you get from therapy but in the format of an online course.

What is the format of the e-course?

We will meet LIVE at scheduled times for five sessions. This is the only time that we will be offering this course live, with a question and answer period after each session. You get to choose where you are to join each session. You will be provided with audio and PDF exercises each week to maximize the impact of this e-course.

What if I can't make one of the sessions live?

Not to worry. We appreciate that you are busy and have other commitments. All course content, including live sessions, will be made accessible within 24 hours of each session. For those who attended live, you can also watch it again!

How much does it cost? Do you offer payment plans?

We created this program to be accessible and affordable for busy women across life situations. This course is like five therapy sessions, for the price of one. Total price all in is $267. Please contact us if you need a payment plan. We want this to work for you.

What's included in the course?

You will receive slide decks for all five sessions. You will also get multiple exercises for each session, including both audio and PDF format, which you can download and take anywhere with you. You will get to keep all of these exercises for life.

What are the pros and cons of taking an online course?

An online course is a general educational tool and is only used for informational purposes. Similar to a self-help book, blog post, or podcast, you will learn tips and tools that you can implement in your life. Unlike therapy, an online course does not provide a therapeutic relationship or therapeutic treatment, and therefore should not substitute for the care of a health professional.

If I am already in therapy, can I take the online course?

Yes! These sessions can be helpful either taken at the same time or as follow up to therapy.

How does enrolment work?

This course is being offered 4 times a year. Enrolment will be open for two weeks. This means that if you miss enrolment, you will have to wait until the next time our doors open! The LIVE course will be one time only - starting September 24th!

How long will the course take me each week?

The course has been designed with busy schedules in mind. The live sessions will be approximately 45 minutes each week. You will receive recordings of the sessions so that you can watch what you miss or re-watch however many times you like. The weekly exercises provided can be done at your own pace. They are brief and can often be incorporated into activities you are already doing.

Button - enrol in course for 267


So, how about some

  • Effective and practical tips you can use to calm your body and make peace for your mind 

  • Ideas on how to reduce stress, improve organization, deal with conflict, enrich relationships, enhance your emotional and mental health, and more 

  • Optional mini worksheets to keep track and use to help you thrive into 2019


And what if you could get this...


I'd love you to join me as I spin the typical chocolate-laden Advent Calendar into something that can actually help you with the stresses of the silly season, such as:

  • Making moments of peace and joy amidst the chaos

  • Focusing your energy and efforts to get more time back

  • Looking after yourself better while also looking after the people around you

  • Creating more balance, peace and goodwill in your life, family and/or workplace

mimi-thian-737763-unsplash 800.jpg

Every day there's some simple but profound things you can do to make peace and calm amidst the crazy and chaos and thrive, not just at Christmas, but all year long. Then when you put just a few minutes every day into reflecting and doing what we talk about, by the end of the month you’ll have something meaningful and useful that you can keep using to create a little more peace, calm and balance wherever you need it.

So let's work together to take back your serenity and sanity! Sign up here and receive THE ENTIRE CALENDAR, ready for you to download, read and skip through as needed in the lead-up to Christmas and beyond!

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Here's a sample:

What’s the point of Christmas, for you? What is the point of all the busy-ness? If you can identify that - sum it up in a handful of words – and keep it at the front of your mind, you can be more stable and at peace in the face of the stresses and storms that crop up.

Jesus once told a story about two men – one who built his house on sand, and the other on rock. When the storms of life arose, the one who built his house on sand got washed away, whereas the other endured. Why? Because he built his house on the thing that really mattered. 

Being clear on the foundations of your life, the thing that is absolutely crucial to you, gives you grounding and direction in the midst of life’s craziness. So, stop, think and then think a little deeper for a few minutes: 

-  Who is important to you right now?

-  What matters to you? At this time, in this place, in this setting?

-  What does it mean to the people around you?

-  What does it mean to you in the big picture of your life - who you are and what you want to stand for?


Pick up a pen and write down what shows up for you - thoughts, feelings, memories, images, whatever!

Most of us are looking forward to pretty lights and presents and time off and food. But what is all that really about?


Is it actually about joy and gratitude and delighting in creation and creativity? Rest and self-care? Nurturing and investing in the people you love and relationships you value? Or having quiet time to contemplate the year past and plan for the year ahead? What is the point of all the activity in the bigger picture?


Take a few minutes, write down three to five words that sum this up for you and stick it up somewhere to contemplate every day. That's you starting to write a map, figuring out where you and life (and the silly season) can fit together and thrive.



Often, we go into Christmas or the New Year feeling a little hollow and fragile, like a beautiful decoration about to fall off the tree. But it doesn't have to be this way! This time of year may be absolutely crazy, but we can do something different with it. Do you want in?

By the way, if this isn't quite your cup of tea and you'd prefer a calendar that actively incorporates Jesus and Christian spirituality, feel free to check this version out here.

0110_Kidson_230517 (2).jpg

I'm Krystyna Kidson. I am a multi-tasking psychologist, coach, mum, wife, daughter and friend: a registered health professional who helps people like us master all the different stresses we face but through coaching and training rather than therapy.


I have two degrees in psychology (M. Psych  [Clinical] Hons; B. Psych [Hons] - includes a Minor in Neuroscience) and am a member of the International Association of Coaching.


It has been my life’s work to come alongside my community, offering people practical and powerful strategies that have set thousands of others free world-wide, to work and care for themselves and the people who matter more meaningfully and effectively.


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