• Are you struggling with stress or on the edge of burn-out? 

  • Do you need to rise to a challenge or seize an amazing opportunity?

  • Do you have a personal or professional vision for the future that needs some help?

  • Are you having problems with your self-confidence or motivation?

  • Would you like to improve your stakeholder engagement or leadership skills?

  • Could your overall well-being or life direction use an overhaul?

  • Do you want to live life purposefully or invest in your own physical, social, emotional or spiritual wellbeing?


If you've answered "yes" to any of these, coaching could help you.

Stress management coaching services include stress education, health and wellness coaching, mind skills training, confidence building, and more.

What Are The Benefits?


The benefits of seeing a coach are as wonderful and varied as the people being coached and their reasons for seeking coaching. Industry research from the International Coaching Federation shows that the vast majority of clients report improvements in a wide range of areas, such as:


  • Increased self-esteem/ self-confidence

  • Relationships

  • Communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Work performance

  • Work/life balance

  • Wellness

  • Career opportunities

  • Personal organisation

  • Business management

  • Time management

  • Team effectiveness

They also found excellent return on investment (for those who could calculate it): 
  • Individual clients - two-thirds of the sample group reported that they made back at least 100% of their initial investment (median 344%).

  • Companies - the vast majority (86%) reported recouping at least 100% of their investment. Indeed, almost one-fifth of the companies who were able to calculate it reported receiving at least 5000% - that’s 50 times the initial outlay (median 700%)!


So it’s not surprising that overall, after going through the coaching process, clients become more productive, better equipped, and more confident to deal with challenging and stressful situations at home and at work. And virtually all companies and individuals who hire coaches are satisfied with the experience and would do it again! You may see some examples of benefits from my own practice here.

Krystyna Kidson, the Psychologist Coach, works with people from diverse backgrounds and skill levels to help them stress less and live and work more effectively.
How Does Coaching Work?


Coaches are change experts and masters of transformation. We partner with people in a collaborative, creative process that helps them maximise their own personal and professional potential, and live out their dreams and visions. We push you to think, to learn, to stretch yourself, to take responsibility for your life and do what you know you need to do. We challenge you to live out your values, hold you accountable for the goals and action plans you set... and, just occasionally, give you a kick up the backside when you need it.


How do we do it? You set the agenda. We listen. We ask powerful questions. We keep focused on helping you realise your goals and plans for the future. You start seeing what you're capable of. We appreciate you. We believe in you unconditionally, and in what you can become. We keep you accountable to the plans that you make. And, believe it or not, you do the rest.

So What Are The Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist Coach?


Besides being someone who is equipped to journey alongside you and who believes in you unreservedly, a psychologist is someone who has studied the science of human behaviour, knows how to help people, and holds extremely high standards of confidentiality, privacy and ethical practice.


Thanks to our training, we have a vigorous and sophisticated understanding of how to apply behavioural science in a disciplined, ethical fashion for our clients. We are scientist-practitioners, bringing a solid grounding in basic and applied research - contrary to many popular methods that fail to develop a similarly solid research base and/or simply grow to have a high marketing profile. We carry with us a wealth of knowledge and insight about what people do, how they do it, and why. We are experts in coming alongside clients who want to make shifts in their emotional or cognitive development, or deal with difficult group habits and dynamics.  


So - are you chronically stressed and is that impacting on your home life or reducing your efficiency at work? Are you feeling stuck in a rut, or unsure what to do with your life? Are you feeling lost or out of step with the world around you? Would you like to invest in yourself and improve your emotional or social or spiritual wellbeing? We know different ways to change psychological roadblocks or habits that get in the way of living a more purposeful life.  We understand stress and how to master it so you can live and work effectively. (See here for examples.)


Collaborate with someone accustomed to providing the highest standard of care and who uses scientifically-validated, psychologically-informed strategies in your service. Work with someone who prompts you to learn about yourself, to commit to goals and actions that you truly value, while ensuring you experience real progress and master the stresses in your life. Journey with someone who cares passionately about your total wellbeing and is committed to helping you transform your personal and professional life.

Krystyna Kidson, the Psychologist Coach, helps her clients develop bespoke solutions for the stresses they face.
So what do you think? What benefits do you think you could get out of working with me? Feel free to call or email to discuss your needs, or check out the links below for further information.