Welcome! Thanks for visiting! I'm Krystyna Kidson - lover and wearer of many hats including stress and resilience coach, psychologist, wife, mother, business owner, and neuroscience (and superhero movie) nerd.

I love what I do - helping mission-minded folks worldwide, shift out of stress and survival mode, so they can start feeling like themselves again and keep on changing lives! Seeing them throw off whatever keeps tripping them up; feeling calmer, freer; more focused, present, and effective? Amazing.

Now, you're probably here because you're busy, you spend a lot of time serving others, or you're passionate about making the world a better place for a particular group or community. And you're wondering what you need so you can keep on doing that in healthy, emotionally sustainable ways (and beating off stress, chaos, busy-ness or analysis paralysis on the way). And you're wondering if I can help with that. Yes?


So let's talk about that for a bit. 

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I do what I do because I love people - so what you'll see is what you'll get. You get someone who is your cheerleader, your advocate, your listener, your guide. You are absolutely worth my time, my interest, and my support, and it's my privilege to give these to you. I have a warm, caring, non-judgmental manner (but I'm not afraid to ask the hard questions) and a subtle, quirky sense of humour (most of the time - sometimes it verges on the ridiculous. Ask me about the red hat!). 


I am also, unashamedly, a neuroscience and psychology nerd. And you can add health, theology and spirituality to that list, too! Thanks to two psychology degrees [a Bachelor of Psychology, First Class Honours, Minor in Neuroscience; Masters of Clinical Psychology (also with Honours)], a trauma certification, and years of experience across health, research, volunteer, ministry, and private practice settings, I'm pretty well-informed about what and why people do what they do. Blend these with lots of empathy, wisdom, curiosity and creativity? You get caring, compassionate, custom-tailored strategies, support, and encouragement so you can relax, focus, and keep doing what matters with the people who matter to you, even in stress-filled or pressure-driven environments.

The people I work with tend to be:

  • Carrying lots of mental loads and multiple responsibilities between life, work, and family;

  • Feeling stuck or dealing with difficult experiences or life/work changes;

  • Having trouble bouncing back and want to improve their resilience and prevent burn-out or depression;

  • Struggling with conflict, communication or relationships (at home or at work); and/or are

  • Christians or other strongly spiritual folk, looking to integrate their faith and stress management practice in a way that honours their faith and keeps them and their ministry sustainable long-term. 

We work 1:1 and in groups, online and in person; from individual consultancy, coaching, EAP and pastoral supervision, to group seminars, training days and retreats. (Please note, Medicare does not subsidise these services.) We work in friendly, relaxed settings - like local cafes or online in the privacy of our homes. Physical distancing permitting, I also travel to meet with clients and run retreats and training days from the Sutherland Shire, all over Sydney and the Illawarra, and interstate. No matter who or where you are, you'll receive top quality support delivered with a high ethical standard. 


So if you, or your team or organisation, want to build resilience and stave off stress, burnout or other productivity or wellness issues, it's probably time to call or email me to tell me what you want. I'd love to hear from you!