Welcome! Thanks for visiting. I'm Krystyna Kidson - wearer of many hats including stress and resilience coach, psychologist, wife, mother, friend, Agent Carter fan - and I work for folks who want to move beyond theory, platitudes and lame advice to real, practical stuff that works.

I help people who are ultra-busy, overwhelmed, and just so over it they're upside-down

We dive deep and fast, looking at the problems but with a focus on the big picture and creating change one step at a time, designing strategies to help them bounce back when things go wrong, mastering the stress and chaos.

Then they can start shifting out of stress and survival mode and start feeling like themselves again, throwing off the stuff that keeps tripping them up and slowing them down, and free to look after themselves and others more meaningfully, and effectively.

I work with individuals, teams, and organisations, helping them master all sorts of stresses, so they can stress less, live more, and work and serve more effectively and sustainably. 

So if you're feeling tired or stressed or just over it, and you want to feel more alive, at peace, focused and thriving? You're in the right place! 


If your mind keeps going into overdrive, trying to manage everything, leaving you feeling on edge, cranky, or checking out of things - let's chat.


If there's something specific going on, making your heart race and your head pound or you're losing sleep at night or time with the people you love - we can talk about that.


Want some effective, practical, reliable, no-woo-woo tools and processes so that even in the midst of life's craziness and chaos, you can stress less and live more and work well? This is what I'm all about! 

What do you get when you work with me?


Someone who is your cheerleader, your advocate, your listener, your guide. I have a warm, caring, non-judgmental manner (but I'm not afraid to ask the hard questions); a subtle sense of humour (most of the time - sometimes it verges on the ridiculous); and I do what I do because I value people. You are absolutely worth my time, my interest, and my support, and it's my privilege to spend these in your service.


I have expert-level knowledge of the human brain, mind, spirit, and behaviour, across life, family, work and health; thanks to a Bachelor of Psychology (including a Minor in Neuroscience) with first class Honours, a Masters of Clinical Psychology (also with Honours), and years of experience across research, volunteer and private practice settings. I blend these with lots of empathy, support, wisdom, curiosity and creativity, so that you can start mastering stress and develop your ability to pursue who and what really matters to you in a way that works for you.  

I particularly like working with people who are:

  • Carrying lots of mental loads and multiple responsibilities between life, work, and family;

  • Feeling stuck or dealing with difficult experiences or life/work changes;

  • Feeling like they're having trouble bouncing back and want to improve their resilience and prevent burn-out;

  • Struggling with their communication and relationships (at home or at work);

  • Christians looking to integrate their faith and stress management practice in a way that honours God and keeps them and their ministry sustainable long-term. 

I work with people 1:1 and in groups, from individual consultancy, coaching, session-by-session EAP (employee assistance) and pastoral supervision, to group seminars, training days, and retreats. 

I am committed to providing a high standard of ethical, psychologically-informed service at all times to all clients, but in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. While I live in the beautiful Sutherland Shire, I travel to meet with clients and run retreats and training and discovery days from the beautiful Illawarra to the busy Sydney CBD and interstate. As the Psychologist Coach, I am a psychologist registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and am a member of the International Association of Coaching - and I do what I do through coaching and training, not therapy.


If you think I might be suited to help you, or your team or organisation, develop practical, reliable and sustainable stress mastery solutions, do call or email me to tell me what you want. What stresses are you and/or your teams facing right now? What could your life and work look like if you could not just manage your stress, but master it - rather than having it master you


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