Our minds, hearts and bodies are like an engine, yes? Together they power our actions and drive us wherever we need to go. We know there are different things that can fuel us up (or use us up) and help us run (or run us into the ground). We're often the "wounded healers" - while we care for others, we deal with our own old or new memories, emotions and stresses (conflict, family issues, extreme workloads, emotional loads, burnout....) that threaten to slow us down or wear us out, making it really hard for us to stay on track and keep going wherever it is we need to go.

So a stress and resilience coach acts like a master mechanic. Psychology, health, neuroscience, with a pastoral supportive focus, helps us understand our engines. Coaching helps us tune them, discovering what fuel we need, how to use it wisely and improve our effectiveness, so we can stay responsive and resilient under pressure. So that together, we can keep going and keep focusing on who and what matters - the people we love and serve, and the world we want to see.


So here's a list of the services I provide. Whether you're feeling stuck and just need a push to get going again, if you're feeling broken down and rusty on the side of the road, if you're feeling lost or overwhelmed and need to reset yourself or re-engage with what's really important - have a look and see if there's something there that suits you. (And if there's not, let me know and we can create one!) Read on to find out more, or contact me now. I'm here for you - what do you need?



If you had just one session - what one thing would you want to change about your life/work/relationships?

This is the session for you if you just want to have an hour with me to make just one thing easier in your life/work/family. Feeling a little lost? Got to make a decision but not sure which way to jump? 

This once-off session is a bit like updating your GPS with new maps or understanding a warning light on your dash - we take a quick look at how you are travelling through the important areas of life, work, family and self-care and come up with a new pathway or two! This service helps you find clarity and direction, inspiration or fuel to keep going, and therefore investing in your resilience and mental health.



Feeling a bit off but not sure what to do about it? 2 sessions.

Have you noticed yourself slowing down or feeling clunky, as if you're not firing on all cylinders? Stress - whether from life, work, family, Covid - can act like oil or fuel impurities, clogging up your physical/emotional/spiritual engine. So this service acts a bit like getting an oil change or a 60,000 km service for your car. Over 2 x 1 hour sessions, 1 week apart, we have a good look at your stress, health, mental, emotional, physical and social wellbeing levels, and discuss options to clear out some of those problems so you can feel better and keep doing what matters, when it matters, for the people who matter.  

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Want someone in your corner?

Are you navigating some tricky situations and want caring, ongoing support? Perhaps you feel like you're stuck at the side of the road while everyone else is moving on, or you need to make some changes but you're not sure how? 

These ongoing sessions (60min each) are tailored to helping you cope with whatever your challenges are (e.g. family stress, work changes, burnout recovery, conflict), to encourage you, be a sounding board, and get you back on track and progressing as quickly as possible. Cost $120.00 for individuals in a community setting, or $250.00 per session for corporate sessions where multiple stakeholders are involved. 



Specially designed for pastors, chaplains, and other pastoral workers

Pastoring is intense and complex work, requiring you to lean into God while working with your own mind, heart, soul, body and relationships, while doing that with others. It's magnificent, rewarding, tiring and sometimes confusing as you navigate the complexities of calling and leadership, church/community needs and struggles, administrative and organisational demands, while also prioritising care for your own family! Taking time out regularly to decompress, reflect and develop wisdom in a safe, confidential space is vital for any pastoral worker wanting to maintain a healthy and effective ministry. Booking sessions as-you-go costs $100 per session, or a package of 5 sessions ($400) may also be arranged. Conditions apply. Check out this article I wrote here.

Group coaching, training and speaking services are available.
Please contact for more information.

Still got questions? I get it. Coaching is definitely a significant investment of time, energy, and money. So you've got to ask, is it worth it? The honest answer is yes.


International research shows that the vast majority of coaching clients see significant improvements in their personal and professional qualities and abilities, are well satisfied with the experience, and are willing to be coached again.  My own clients have experienced significant, measurable reductions in their stress levels with improved professional and personal productivity, resilience, confidence, relationships, wellness, work-life integration, and more. (See here for examples.)


So let me challenge you - just how much do you spend on keeping your car on the road? Are you not worth an equal investment so that you can become less stressed, more relaxed and productive, and better equipped to deal with the Monday morning madness and other hassles and issues wherever they happen?

If you have any other queries, read on, or call or email me now.