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to master stress, build resilience, & prevent burnout

I offer a range of services from single stand-alone sessions to short-term packages to ongoing coaching, supervision, training or support. The question is, what do you want to get out of your time with me? Read on or jump to the services you're interested in below.

Think about this - our minds, hearts and bodies are like an engine, right? Together they power our actions and drive us wherever we need to go. We know there are different things that can fuel us up (or use us up) and help us run (or run us into the ground). We might be the "wounded healers," caring for others while we deal with our own stuff that threatens to slow us down or wear us out. And that makes it really hard for us to stay on track and keep going wherever it is we need to go.

So I act like a master mechanic. Psychology, health, neuroscience, with a pastoral, supportive focus, helps us understand our engines. Coaching helps us tune them, discovering what fuel we need, how to use it wisely and improve our effectiveness, so we can stay responsive and resilient under pressure. Supervision takes that into the professional maintenance and formation space. So that together, we can keep going and keep focusing on who and what matters - the people we love and serve, and the world we want to see.


So here's a list of the services I provide. Whether you're feeling stuck and just need a push to get going again, if you're feeling broken down and rusty on the side of the road, if you're feeling lost or overwhelmed and need to reset or repair yourself or re-engage with what's really important - have a look and see if there's something there that suits you. (And if there's not, let me know and we can create one!) Read on to find out more, or contact me now. I'm here for you - what do you need?

Short-term 1:1 Services

For the folks who just want one session    $150AUD

What one thing would you want to change about your life/work/relationships?

This is the session for you if you just want one hyper-focused 90 minute-session with me to make just one thing easier in your life/work/family. Feeling a little lost? Got to make a decision but not sure which way to jump? If we could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you want to make different?


With this once-off session you'll be able to develop some clarity and direction, or inspiration or fuel to keep going, and use those to amp up your resilience and mental health.


This session is a bit like updating your GPS with new maps or moving the needle on your dashboard - we take a quick look at how you are travelling through the important areas of life, work, family and self-care and come up with a new solution or two!

Call or email now to book.


Double session wellbeing assessment    $250AUD

Feeling a bit off but not sure what to do about it?

Have you noticed yourself slowing down or feeling clunky, as if you're not firing on all cylinders? Stress - whether from life, work, family, pandemic, long-COVID - can act like oil or fuel impurities, clogging up your physical/ emotional/ spiritual engine.


This service acts a bit like getting an oil change or checking out a warning light on your dashboard. You'll have a good look at your wellbeing over multiple areas and get some ideas about what to do to move out of surviving and back into thriving.


Over 2 x 1 hour sessions, 1 week apart, we have a good look at your stress, health, mental, emotional, physical and social wellbeing levels, and discuss options to clear out some of those problems so you can feel better and keep doing what matters, when it matters, for the people who matter.  

Call or email now to book.


Four session revolution package  $450AUD

Dealing with the big things: Who matters? What gets in the way? How do you throw that off so you can move towards the important stuff?

Have you noticed you keep getting stuck in old stories and patterns or habits? Something keeps coming up and tripping you up or slowing you down? Self-care feels self-ish? This is a four-session package focused on unpacking the things that keep you stuck and help you get moving faster towards the people and purposes that really matter to you.

You'll improve your understanding of how you've been wired, develop techniques to unhook from the things that keep tripping you up, develop more insight into who and what is important to you and identify ways to repair yourself or free yourself up and show up more meaningfully and effectively for the people and causes that matter. (This uses a trauma-sensitive, evidence-based pathway in which I am a globally-certified facilitator.)

Call or email now to book.

Ongoing 1:1 Services

$140AUD per session

Want someone in your corner?

Are you navigating some tricky situations and want caring, ongoing support?

Perhaps you feel like you're stuck at the side of the road while everyone else is moving on, or you need to make some changes but you're not sure how?


Or you're looking for some professional development and support through supervision.

These ongoing sessions (60min each) are tailored to helping you cope with whatever your challenges are (e.g. professional formation, family stress, work changes, burnout recovery, conflict), to encourage you, be a sounding board, and get you back on track and progressing as quickly as possible.


Cost $140.00 for individuals in a community setting, or $250.00 per session for groups or corporate sessions where multiple stakeholders are involved.


Call or email now to book.


$140AUD + GST per session

Do your staff need support?

More than 25% of the Australian working population experience significant stress every year and don't get enough support to cope. Moreover, stress exacerbates pre-existing health and relationship issues by up to 500%! So, as all leaders know, when staff are struggling, if they are not well supported, productivity is lost through drops in morale, focus; and increased presenteeism and absenteeism is likely. This costs organisations countless dollars, hours of focus and effort, and relationships.

As an EAP service, stress and resilience coaching provides your staff with an independent support to help them cope with the challenges they are facing (at home or at work), giving them space to destress, and skills to manage and master their stress and build resilience to flourish and thrive in their workplaces and lives.

Call or email as below to set up. Sessions can be arranged session-by-session or in blocks. 


$120AUD / 5-session block $500AUD

Specially designed for pastors, chaplains and other pastoral workers

Pastoring is intense and complex work, requiring you to lean into God while working with your own mind, heart, body, and relationships; while also doing that with others.


It's magnificent, rewarding, tiring and sometimes confusing as you navigate the complexities of calling and leadership, church/community needs and struggles, administrative and organisational demands, while also prioritising care for your own family!


Taking time out regularly to decompress, reflect and develop wisdom in a safe, confidential space is vital for any pastoral worker wanting to maintain a healthy and effective ministry. Indeed, the Royal Commission recommends that all staff and lay pastoral workers receive mandatory professional pastoral supervision. 


Booking sessions as-you-go costs $120 per session, or a package of 5 sessions ($500) may also be arranged. Conditions apply. Feel free to check out this article I wrote on it here. (I am also an approved supervisor with the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT Churches for purposes of ongoing accreditation.)

Call or email now to book.

Group Services

$1000 per half day plus GST

Refresh. Revive. Re-engage.

Over the last two years, our people have been dealing with incredible pressures: from bushfires, drought, storms, floods, to pandemic-related lockdowns, social unrest, public shaming, and more. As a society, we've been increasingly affected by social, personal and environmental
change, leading to higher and higher levels of stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, rejection and conflict in
our communities. No matter where or who we are, this takes a toll on us as
we care for each other and do the work we are called to do.


So we've got to ask - how can we offer ourselves and others the care, support, and sense of belonging we all need at this time? How can we encourage our wider community to lean in, advocate for and act in love and justice, to welcome the stranger and help them feel like they're safe and belong, while also helping them reduce their anxiety and stress? How can we do this for ourselves? 

Imagine retreating with your people to a quiet safe place, creating space to
work through your own experiences of grief, fear or stress, unpacking old, worn-out ideas, so you can free yourself up to keep pouring out for others.


That's what these retreats are all about. Designed to run over half a day or a day or more, these bespoke events create space for teams to reflect, connect with what really matters, develop new insights and ideas so they can relax, revive, and thrive when they're back with the people they care for and serve. 

Cost includes initial briefing and retreat design and facilitation; printed materials, travel costs and meals will be extra.

Call or email as below to discuss. Download my speaker page here.


$500AUD + GST per session

Want to upskill your people in a morning?

More than 25% of the Australian working population experiences significant stress every year and don't have enough coping skills to manage it.


That creates major trouble for organisations as their people's stress exacerbates their pre-existing health and relationship issues by up to 500%, making them less and less available for the work at hand and more vulnerable to drops in morale, focus, and wellbeing, along with increased presenteeism and absenteeism, and turnover. This costs organisations countless dollars, hours of focus and effort, and relationships.

Imagine, though, if we could take some of those hours back?


Seminars and workshops are bespoke events, custom-tailored to your people and your context. Staff will develop a personalised stress awareness and management plan, along with select, evidence-based resources and ideas to help them manage stress and promote resilience in the short and longer term so they can flourish and thrive in their workplaces and lives.

I am an empowering and inspiring speaker, and my sessions are often the high point of the gathering because not only do I provide people with really useful, practical tips about handling stress, I give them a unique stress mastery experience and perspective that they've (usually) never encountered before.

Cost includes initial briefing and seminar design; printed materials and travel costs will be extra.

Call or email as below to set up. Download my speaker page here.


From $3000 plus GST

12 hours of training over whatever time suits you; plus booster sessions if requested.

This package provides nationally-endorsed, competency-based stress management training, contextualised to your organisation and presented in fun and engaging ways.


Essential outcomes: Learners will develop and implement strategies to manage their own stress, evaluate their effectiveness and adjust appropriately.


In the first half of the program, learners recognise sources of stress in their job role, along with their own triggers and own responses to stress; identify strategies to effectively prevent, reduce and manage stress; develop a personal stress management plan that responds to identified stressors and triggers; and use strategies from their personal stress management plan to address those stressors and triggers.

In the second half of the program, learners practice organising their own workload and communication to minimise stress; identifying and adopting strategies to balance and integrate work/life priorities; identifying and accessing options and resources for additional support; adjusting strategies not meeting the desired outcome; and recognising when additional resources and/or support is needed. 

This course can be presented as a 2 day workshop or 6 x 2 hour training sessions. Other configurations (including shorter courses) can be designed on request. Cost includes initial briefing and course design; printed materials and travel costs will be extra.

Call or email as below to discuss.

Still got questions? I get it. This work is definitely a significant investment of time, energy, and money. So you've got to ask, is it worth it? The honest answer is yes.


International research shows that the vast majority of coaching clients see significant improvements in their personal and professional qualities and abilities, are well satisfied with the experience, and are willing to be coached again. The same applies for professional supervision and for work done in an EAP context.


PriceWaterhouse Cooper's Return on Investment analysis observes:

"Mental health conditions present substantial costs to organisations. However, through the successful implementation of an effective action to create a mentally healthy workplace, organisations, on average, can expect a positive return on investment (ROI) of 2.3. That is, for every dollar spent on successfully implementing an appropriate action, there is on average $2.30 in benefits to be gained by the organisation." (So imagine what happens when an organisation implements not just one, but two, or three, or four appropriate actions??)  


My own clients have experienced significant, measurable reductions in their stress levels with improved professional and personal productivity, resilience, confidence, relationships, wellness, work-life integration, and more. (See here for deidentified examples.)


So let me challenge you - just how much do you spend on keeping your car in good repair? Your house? Your family? Are you not worth an equal investment so that you can become less stressed, more relaxed and productive, and better equipped to deal with the Monday morning madness and other hassles and issues wherever they happen? Choose a service you're interested in and talk to me about it now. There's nothing to lose - and a whole lot of potential to gain.  

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