​Imagine that your mind, heart and body are like an engine. Together they power your conscious actions and drive you wherever it is you need to go. Long-held memories and beliefs, or day-to-day experiences and interactions, can put fuel in, use it up, help you run or run you into the ground. And then stress of whatever kind (e.g. extreme workloads, life/work hassles, or just the mental load of the daily grind and managing everyone and everything) can slow you down and wear you out. This can make it really hard for you to stay on track and keep on going wherever it is you want to go. 

Stress and resilience coaching then is like tuning your car: it can improve your efficiency and fuel economy, and help keep you responsive, reliable, and resilient under pressure.


So I provide a variety of products and services to this end, like helping you reset your internal GPS, checking over your stress and health levels, helping you restore the skills or strategies that have started rusting, or coming alongside when you've broken down on the side of the road. Read on to find out more, or email or call me now to book. 

Dashboard (45-55 minute session)

Feeling a little lost and need to pull over for a moment? Got to make a decision but not sure which way to jump? Like getting a pink slip for your car or updating your GPS, this once-off session is for us to take a quick look at how you are travelling through the important areas of life, work, family and self-care and come up with a new pathway or two! This service helps you find clarity and direction, fuel to keep going, inspires you with a vision for your future and/or start building a resilience plan.


Stress Health Check (double session)

Stress can get to us like oil or fuel impurities clogging up your engine. So, like getting an oil change or a 60,000 km service for your car, a Stress Health check (one 90min session and a 45-60min session 1-2 weeks apart) is where we have a good look at your stress, health and wellbeing levels and talk about how you can tweak them. It's a chance to see how you are travelling through the important areas of life, work, and self-care, and gives you a chance to build clarity, drive, direction, inspiration, fuel for further growth and thriving, while also walking away with a custom-tailored stress and resilience plan. 


Ongoing 1:1 Support

Want caring, ongoing support as you navigate some tricky situations or create new pathways? Feel like you're stranded at the side of the road or need to make some shifts? One-on-one coaching and training engagements are tailored to each client's specific needs to give you support, encouragement, and get you back on track and progressing as quickly as possible.
Each session runs for 60 min and costs $160.00 for individuals in a community or solopreneur setting, or $250.00 per session for corporate sessions where multiple people need to be involved in or have a stake in the coaching outcomes. Employers should take note that this service also can be used in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) setting. 

$160.00 / $250.00

Pastoral Support and Supervision

Pastoring is incredibly intense work, tapping deeply into a person's mind, heart, soul, body and relationships. Having methods of deep processing and reflection on ministry experiences and challenges is vital for any pastor wanting to maintain a healthy and effective ministry.  Good supervision supports and challenges; encourages learning, self knowledge, professional development, good use of resources and time; and respect for boundaries.

These sessions are designed to provide pastors with a safe, confidential relationship and sounding board; opportunity to reflect on work, ministry and professional relationships; with the aim to build up and improve their own health and wellbeing along with increased effectiveness in ministry. Krystyna is an approved pastoral supervisor for the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT Churches.

Seminars/ Plenary Sessions

These are like learning from a master mechanic how you can fine-tune your car for yourself. Plenary sessions typically run for 60min, and seminars for up to 2 hours, blending resilience education and a unique and interesting stress mastery experience. Attendees can come away feeling energised and equipped with new tools and perspectives on the role of stress, resilience and mental health in their life and work and what they can do about it. These are run for groups of 4 or more, and cost $500 plus GST (and travel if required outside the Sydney/Illawarra basin). 

$500.00 plus GST

Resilience Retreats

Like learning from a master mechanic exactly how your car works and what you can do to keep yourself on track, these retreats are designed to not just give you time out to relax and revive, but useful tools and insights that you can apply to all of life, work and mission. They can be run on or off-site as you wish, for groups of 6 or more. Prices start at $1000 for a half-day mini-retreat, or $2000 for a day retreat, plus GST (and travel costs if outside the Sydney/Illawarra basin). Extra planning sessions or specialised material preparation is charged $250.00 per hour.

Retreats follow a less structured format than session-based training, and can allow for more team-building and relaxation. Attendees come away with new perspectives, being able to place stress within the bigger picture of life and work, and have new tools to apply to improve their resilience and master stress wherever it occurs in their lives.

$1000.00 plus GST

Stress and Resilience Group Training

Stress and resilience group training runs over 3-4 sessions, scheduled in 2-3 consecutive weeks with a final follow-up session two months later. Prices start at $2500 (for 3x2.5 hour sessions) or $2600 (for 4x2 hour sessions), plus GST and travel (if outside the Sydney/Illawarra basin). Extra planning sessions or specialised preparation is charged at $250.00 per hour. This scope can be adjusted according to your needs and budget.

Attendees will come away with a new set of particular stress mastery skills and perspectives, providing them with a skill set that can help them develop their resilience and prevent burnout in any life or work setting. The follow-up session is a particular feature of this training, which provides attendees the opportunity to debrief together, consolidate gains, reinforce the skills training and provide opportunities for those who weren't as engaged with the process to see benefits and re-engage. 

From $2500.00 plus GST

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Coaching is definitely a significant investment of time, energy, and money. So you've got to ask, is it worth it? The honest answer is yes. International research shows that the vast majority of coaching clients see significant improvements in their personal and professional qualities and abilities, are well satisfied with the experience, and are willing to be coached again.  My own clients have experienced significant, measurable reductions in their stress levels with improved professional and personal productivity, resilience, confidence, relationships, wellness, work-life integration, and more. (See here for examples.)


So let me challenge you - just how much do you spend on keeping your car on the road? Are you not worth an equal investment so that you can become less stressed, more relaxed and productive, and better equipped to deal with the Monday morning madness and other hassles and issues wherever they happen?

If you have any other queries, read on, or call or email me now.  



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