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Tools to master the Christmas crazy and thrive all year round

10am SATURDAY NOVEMBER 17th, 2018

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..." with workloads increasing, families bickering, and instagrammed BBQs out in the sun. It's supposed to be the season of love and goodwill and peace towards men... yet, we are often stressed, on edge, and frustrated in the mad dash towards holiday deadlines, insane queues to buy meaningful (or meaningless) gifts, and escalating demands and to-do lists. Have you ever noticed how the stress and expectations around Christmas make us put so much effort into the Christmas spectacle, while leaving us feeling a little hollow and fragile, like a beautiful glass bauble about to fall off the tree?

Well - Santa might have a Christmas workshop - but how about a Stressmas workshop? What if you could inject some calm into the crazy, and master some of that Christmas stress? How would you feel if you could be more whole and balanced amidst the endless demands and expectations (and food cravings)? Create more love, peace and goodwill for yourself and the people around you? Take back your time and energy to put towards more of the things and people that really matter and thrive - not just these holidays but all year round?

Join me from 10am - 2pm (with optional extension time) on Saturday 17th November at the Tops Conference Centre, nestled in 200 acres of pristine bushland on the Illawarra escarpment, overlooking Stanwell Beach. Discover how to start mastering the Christmas crazy in practical, concrete ways.

What you receive:

  • Effective and practical tools you can use every day to make a little peace and sort through the hassles and urges wherever they're appearing in the lead-up to Christmas

  • A tried-and-tested 4-step approach to stress mastery you can use every day before and after the silly season, drawing on the core ways we exist and function as human beings, that you can use to deal with the crazy and actually thrive all year round

  • Time out to contemplate and talk about these issues with like-minded people

  • Ideas on how to use it to improve organization, work-life-family balance and integration in the holidays, enriching relationships and more (depending on group members’ interests and input)

  • Templates to take home to help you continue implementing your stress mastery plans

  • Fully catered, delicious morning tea, lunch and beverages (and afternoon tea for those who stay on)

You will be a welcome member of a small group of people just like you, acknowledging the stresses you're all facing in this season, looking for a better way to do things, in an interactive and safe space where everything you think and feel is invited and appreciated. (Even those bits you wouldn’t share out loud in a million years.) 

My name is Krystyna Kidson. I am a multi-tasking psychologist, coach, mum, wife, daughter and friend: a registered health professional who helps people like us master all the different stresses we face but through coaching and training rather than therapy.


I have two degrees in psychology (M. Psych  [Clinical] Hons, B. Psych [Hons], Minor: Neuroscience) and am a member of the International Association of Coaching.


It has been my life’s work to come alongside my community, offering people practical and powerful strategies that have set thousands of others free world-wide, to work and care for themselves and the people who matter more meaningfully and effectively.

This workshop is designed to be empowering, enjoyable, informative and just a little surprising. By spending a few hours at this calming bush mountain location, you will learn new skills and perspectives that can help you make some peace and quiet in the crazy season, take charge and deal with what life throws at you; revolutionising the way you view yourself and the craziness you have to deal with, for your own sake and for the sake of who and what really matters to you



Workshop option: $99.00.

Price includes morning tea and lunch, full 4 hour program facilitated by an experienced health professional, handouts to help you keep up your skills after you go home, and access to this beautiful bush venue!


Workshop + option: $139.00.

Turn the workshop into a day retreat by adding an optional extra 2 hours of guided and solo reflection and contemplation/meditation time (includes afternoon tea). You can use this opportunity to move into the busy Christmas season in a more centred, grounded, and proactive way.

This will be a wonderful day out, but there are only limited spots available, so book early to avoid disappointment!

2014-11-15 10.58.54 (2).jpg

Come enjoy time out in the glorious Aussie bush

TIME       10am - 2pm (or to 4pm for the extended option)

DATE       Saturday November 17th 

PLACE     The Hub, Tops Conference Centre, 51 Bendena Garden, Stanwell Tops


Want to know more? Not free from 10 - 2 on November 17th and want to be kept in the loop for next time? For further information, contact me.

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