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Tired? Stressed? Snowed under?

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Get tips & tools to find hope and make calm out of chaos, take the silly out of the silly season, & keep thriving into 2021

Christmas might be the season of love, goodwill, and "peace towards men" - but this year??? We're either insanely busy or locked down; on edge and frustrated or listless and sad; or just stressed out by the craziness! Like when:


  • The festive workload doubled your to-do list and you just don't have time, and deep down you're wondering, What's the point of it all anyway?

  • You're facing off against financial pressures, health worries and/ or family dramas, trying to keep your head above water,

  • You end up in sensory overload from the kids and noise and lights in your face and online, and/or

  • You're trying to plan an amazing Christmas to lift everyone's spirits but you can't help but hear your mind muttering at you, "What if it's not good enough? Maybe they won't like it! I should be doing more!"


"Merry Christmas", indeed!

So, would you like some practical tips and ideas on

  • Making moments of peace and joy amidst the chaos

  • Focusing your energy and efforts to get more time back

  • Looking after yourself better while also looking after the people around you

  • Creating more balance, peace and goodwill in your life, family and/or workplace

  • Reducing stress, improving organization, dealing with conflict, enriching relationships, enhancing your emotional and mental health (yes, even in Covid)

  • PLUS optional mini worksheets to keep track and use to help you thrive into 2021


And did you know they're...


I'd love you to join me as I spin the typical chocolate-laden Advent Calendar into something that can actually help you with the stresses of the silly season. Here's some of the entries:

  • Bounce not Break

  • Covid Emotions and Mind Control

  • Peace in the Moment

  • Quick Tips around Covid Christmas Conflict

  • Demystifying Covid Christmas Conflict

  • Grief, Loss and Broken Hearts

  • Priorisiting the Vital Things

  • Pearls, Grit and Resilience

  • Mastering the Christmas-present Crazy

  • Solstice, Day of Hope

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Every day there's some simple but profound things you can do to make peace and calm amidst the crazy and chaos and thrive, not just at Christmas, but all year long. Then when you put just a few minutes every day into reflecting and doing what we talk about, by the end of the month you’ll have something meaningful and useful that you can keep using to create a little more peace, calm and balance wherever you need it. And if you want to binge-read it all or skip between different entries on different days, it's all right there at your fingertips.

So let's work together to take back your serenity and sanity! Sign up here and receive THE ENTIRE CALENDAR, ready for you to download, read and skip through as needed in the lead-up to Christmas and beyond!

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Many of us are heading into Christmas or the New Year feeling hollow and fragile, like a beautiful decoration about to fall off the tree. But it doesn't have to be this way! This year may be absolutely crazy, but we can do something different with it. Do you want in?

Thanks! Check your inbox shortly - the link to download your free Calendar will be there waiting for you!

(By the way, if this isn't quite your cup of tea and you'd prefer a calendar that actively incorporates Jesus and Christian spirituality, follow along on my ministry page on Facebook here.)

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Hi! I'm Krystyna Kidson. I am an Aussie psychologist, coach, pastoral supervisor.


I run my own Sydney-based stress and resilience coaching practice, helping folks in the nonprofit, social enterprise, service and faith sectors get on with transforming lives even when they're struggling with stress, conflict, or burnout. (Or a pandemic!)

I love talking with people face to face and online about how our minds, souls, brains and bodies all work together, and figuring out together what practical changes we can make so that they can keep on doing what matters for the people who matter to them.


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