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 merry... stressmas?

Worried about Christmas? 

Already getting that sense of oh-my-goodness it's-gonna-be-mayhem?

Get my sanity-saver Christmas planner!

Get tips, tools, planners and checklists to save your brain space, money, and energy, and deal with the stress, conflict and expectations, so you can be free to focus on who and what really matters to you this Christmas and have a truly joyful New Year.

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Christmas might be the season of love, goodwill, and "peace towards men" - but a lot of us are insanely busy, on edge, frustrated, or stressed out by the craziness, like when:


  • The festive workload doubles your to-do list and you just don't have time,

  • You're facing off against financial pressures or family conflicts, trying to keep your head above water,

  • You end up in sensory overload from the kids and noise and lights everywhere, and/or

  • You're trying to plan an amazing Christmas but your inner critic is fretting - "What if it's not good enough? Maybe they won't like it! I should be doing more!"


"Merry Christmas", indeed!

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So, how about some checklists and planners for you to keep track of the stuff that really matters to you over the Christmas lead-up, including some tips and tricks on managing Christmas stress, conflict, and expectations?

This planner is 20+ pages of my best ideas around stress, conflict, meaningful planning and effective action so you can 

  • Cut the stress,

  • Save your brain space for more important things,

  • Save your time and money from being wasted on food, jobs, tasks, gifts, events etc that actually don't really matter to you, 

  • Create more calm, space, and moments of true peace and joy amidst the chaos 

  • Look after yourself and take back your emotions, energy and focus

  • While also looking after the people and things that really matter to you over Christmas.

You get:

  • Christmas Master Schedule - all the typical Christmas tasks listed out for you and when exactly to do them

  • Checklist

  • Tasks/Event Calendar

  • Menu Planner and Shopping List

  • Card/Special Messages List

  • Christmas Master Budget planner and individual section planners

  • Gift tracker

  • Notes page

  • Create a Meaning Map - getting clear on what Christmas truly means to you and how to use this so you don't get lost in the drama and chaos

  • Tip sheets on

    • Traditions - choosing which traditional activities you want to keep and make serve you (rather than you serving them and just adding to your workload)

    • Christmas Stress - understanding why Christmas gets so stressful and what to do about it; and

    • Conflict - why it happens, what comes up, and getting a plan for how to deal with possible Christmas drama. 


And a BONUS - to help you think through what worked, what didn't, what you were grateful for and will make next year even better!

Cost: $9

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Keep an eye on your inbox - your planner will arrive within 12 hours of purchase!

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I'm Krystyna Kidson. I am a multi-tasking psychologist, coach, mum, wife, daughter and friend: a registered health professional who helps people like us master all the different stresses we face but through coaching and training rather than therapy.


I have two degrees in psychology (M. Psych  [Clinical] Hons; B. Psych [Hons] - includes a Minor in Neuroscience) and am a member of the International Association of Coaching.


It has been my life’s work to come alongside my community, offering people practical and powerful strategies that have set thousands of others free world-wide, to work and care for themselves and the people who matter more meaningfully and effectively.


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