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10am - 5pm   SATURDAY   MAY 18, 2019

Following Jesus in all of life is awesome, right? And we are exposed to the stresses inherent in living in a broken world while we do.


Do you love Jesus... but there’s so much to do and not enough you? Or maybe you love serving Him and others, but somehow - despite the joy - you’re getting overwhelmed by a crazy schedule, endless demands, or this sense of pressure that just won’t quit.


Take a day. Come pick up some practical tools to create peace and space amidst the craziness, stay focused on Him, and start mastering these loads, rather than having them master you.

Maybe this feels familiar - on top of your usual busy work+ministry schedule, your boss suddenly dumps a whole new report on you that has to get done by the end of the week, your mum needs you to take her to two doctors appointments, and you have to get the pink slip for the car sorted before the rego expires next week! So your thoughts just keep whirling inside your head, frantically listing off all the stuff that's happening or all the things you have to do, and deep down you’re silently crying out, “Can’t the world just stop for a minute?? God, I want to get off! Help!!”

Sound familiar? You're not alone. And you can stop and get help and take a bit of time to sort this stuff out – that’s what this beach-side retreat is all about.

Join us from 10am - 5pm on Saturday 18th May at the lovely Bundeena House, right on Horderns Beach at Bundeena, NSW; located through the Royal National Park, and accessible by car and public transport. You'll be a welcome member of a small group of Christians, just like you, looking at the day-to-day stresses inherent in living in a broken world, finding a better way to do things, in an interactive and safe space where everything you think and feel is invited and appreciated. (Even those bits you wouldn’t share out loud in a million years.)


Facilitated by an experienced Christian psychologist and coach, we'll be:

  • picking up some practical, effective tools to cope with the overwhelm, master the stress, and manage the loads – using solid research-backed and God-honouring strategies that you will see get to work right away

  • making space to reflect with God on what really matters, what you can do about it, and how you can deepen your connection with Him through it

  • coming up with solid plans for how you can start to find calm in chaos, master the loads you carry, and be more effective at home, work and/or ministry (e.g. prioritising, work-life integration, communication, improving relationships etc - depending on your own input and inspiration through conversation with God and the group)

And you'll leave with new perspectives, tools, take-home templates and ongoing support emails to help you implement your plan(s) and keep them going - so you can look after yourself and love and serve God and others more meaningfully and effectively!


$179.00 p.p unless otherwise organised through your church


1000 - Welcome - Meet our facilitator, the group and the tools

1020 - Session 1 - Use and practice the tools | Personal reflection and group discussion

1230 - Lunch (BYO) - Enjoy fellowship or personal reflection overlooking Port Hacking

1315 - Session 2 - Group debrief and discussion | Apply tools to current issues

1500 - Break - Afternoon tea (supplied) | Personal prayer and reflection 

1520 - Session 3 - Using the tools with God | Personal prayer and reflection | Group debrief

1700 - Finish

Are you in? We'd love to have you. But book fast! Less than 25 spots are available and we won't be running this retreat again this year, so do register ASAP to save your spot.

Hi, I'm Krystyna Kidson. I am a multi-tasking woman of faith: a mum, wife, friend, coach and psychologist; a registered health professional who helps people like us master all the different stresses we face but through coaching and training rather than therapy.


I have been following Jesus for more than 25 years, have two degrees in psychology [M. Psych (Clinical) Hons, B. Psych (Hons), Minor: Neuroscience] and am a member of the International Association of Coaching and Engadine Anglican Church.


It has been my life’s work to come alongside my community, offering people practical and powerful strategies that have helped set free thousands of others world-wide to work and care for themselves and their families more meaningfully and effectively.

Imagine getting to another Monday morning and, even if three million things are demanding your attention, knowing how to zero in on what matters, lean into God, and make calm amidst the chaos? 

Confidently using your emotion, time, and effort meaningfully and effectively for Him and the people and things that really matter? Detangling from the overwhelm and stress, and creating space no matter what’s in your schedule? Balancing the responsibilities you carry (to your kids, parents, partners, work, church, school, etc) and the needs you have as a child of God?

Come relax, reflect, and re-engage! We'd love you to join us for a few hours at the beach to learn some new skills and perspectives that can completely shift the way you view yourself and the responsibilities and loads you bear in His service! Take the time and tools, under God’s hand and with His help, to make space, create calm, and master the pressures you face rather than letting them master you

TIME       10am - 5pm

DATE       Saturday May 18th

PLACE     Bundeena House, Hordern's Beach, Bundeena

Our beautiful venue, Bundeena House, Horderns Beach

Not free from 10 - 5 on May 18th and want to be kept in the loop for 2020? Maybe you'd like this to run especially for your women's weekend away or your church group or organisation? For further information, contact me or check out the Paraclete Initiative: coming alongside God's people with practical, God-honouring tools to help you throw off all that hinders and set you free to love and serve others more meaningfully, effectively and sustainably.

Hear more about the Paraclete Initiative

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