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Mental Load

A half-day retreat for people juggling life, work & family

10am - 2pm WEDNESDAY AUGUST 29, 2018

You love your life, your family, and your work, but something is niggling at you, yes? There are days when you feel like everything is working… then it explodes in your face. Maybe you're feeling run down by the daily grind and the pressure of managing everyone and everything; or you're under siege from chaotic schedules and relentless to-do lists. You have so much to do and only so much time to do it in, and sometimes you catch yourself worrying that the other important things (and people) in life are missing out. Isn't there supposed to be something more to life than this ongoing struggle?

What if things could be different? What if you could start finding peace, learning to balance the endless demands from outside, with what you need inside? How much time, energy, emotion and effort could you reclaim, and put towards more of the things and people that really matter?

Join me from 10am - 2pm on Wednesday 29th August at the stunning Ethel and Ode’s waterfront Beach House overlooking Jibbon Beach in Bundeena, located through the Royal National Park.

This retreat is about helping you to start mastering the stresses you face in practical, concrete ways. You will be a welcome member of a small group of people, just like you, acknowledging the day-to-day stresses inherent in life as we know it, looking for a better way to do things, in an interactive and safe space where everything you think and feel is invited and appreciated. (Even those bits you wouldn’t share out loud in a million years.) 

What you receive:

  • Effective and practical tools you can use every day to sort through the stressors wherever they're appearing in your life, work and/or family. 

  • A tried-and-tested 4-step approach to stress mastery you can use every day, drawing on the core ways we exist and function as human beings 

  • Time out to contemplate and talk about these issues with like-minded people

  • Ideas on how to use it to improve organization, work-life balance and integration, enriching relationships and more (depending on group members’ interests and input)

  • Fact sheets and templates to take home to help you continue implementing your stress mastery plan

  • Delicious morning tea and beverages

My name is Krystyna Kidson. I am a multi-tasking psychologist, coach, mum, wife, daughter and friend: a registered health professional who helps people like us master all the different stresses we face but through coaching and training rather than therapy.


I have two degrees in psychology (M. Psych  [Clinical] Hons, B. Psych [Hons], Minor: Neuroscience) and am a member of the International Association of Coaching.


It has been my life’s work to come alongside my community, offering people practical and powerful strategies that have set thousands of others free world-wide, to work and care for themselves and their families more meaningfully and effectively.

This retreat is designed be empowering, enjoyable, informative and just a little surprising. By spending a few hours at this calming ocean location, you will learn new skills and perspectives that can help you to take charge, deal with what life throws at you, and help you bounce back faster; revolutionising the way you view yourself and the mental loads you bear, for your own sake and for the sake of who and what really matters. 

INVESTMENT: $189.00. 


Price includes morning tea, full 4 hour program facilitated by an experienced health professional, handouts to help you keep up your skills after you go home, and exclusive access to this beautiful absolute beachfront venue!


This is a wonderful opportunity with only 11 places available, so book early to avoid disappointment.

An exclusive Bundeena retreat where you can learn to master the stresses of motherhood

TIME       10am - 2pm

DATE       Tuesday 19th June

PLACE     Ethel and Ode's Beach House, Bundeena (address released to attendees only) 


Want to know more? Not free from 10 - 2 on August 29th and want to be kept in the loop for next time? For further information, contact me.

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