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  fill your cup  

how to keep going when you're

pouring yourself out in a stress-filled world

10am - 5pm   SATURDAY   SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

You're in ministry. You love Jesus. You love serving. You want to keep giving, you want to keep going, you want to stay on top of everything... but how do you do that, when life is so busy, the tension and unease and worry and pressure is nearly suffocating, everyone expects everything of you, and you're the one who has to keep it all together? How can you keep going in healthy ways so that the stress of it all doesn't wipe you out?


Join us and discover the how-to of mastering stress and building resilience as you balance life, work and ministry. Get your time back. Get your emotions back. Restore your soul and your relationships and discover how to get yourself back on track and stay there


Come discover some healthy, effective, God-honouring ways you can start using straight away to:

  • create space, peace, and calm amidst the craziness every Sunday no matter the mishap,

  • deal with those unpleasant, suffocating feelings (like failure, guilt, perfectionism and procrastination) so they don't derail your sleep, work week, or your relationships, 

  • give your body and mind real rest, and

  • create healthy boundaries and figure out how to balance sacrificial giving with emotionally sustainable living.


Pick up practical tools you can start using straight away to turn the dial down on stress, tiredness, worry, conflict, and that really annoying inner critic, and up on what you need to be free to love and serve God and others meaningfully, effectively, and sustainably.

Join us from 10am - 5pm on Saturday 21st September at the lovely Bundeena House, right on Horderns Beach at Bundeena, NSW; located through the Royal National Park, and accessible by car and public transport. 


You'll be a welcome member of a small group of people, just like you, figuring out how to fill your cup while you keep pouring out, in an interactive and safe space where everything you think and feel is invited and appreciated. (Even those bits you wouldn’t share out loud in a million years - and don't worry, you don't have to talk about them if you don't want to!) 


Facilitated by Krystyna Kidson, an experienced Christian psychologist, and coach, we'll start:

  • picking up some effective, evidence-backed tools to cope with the overwhelm, build your resilience, and start mastering the stress of living, working and serving 

  • discovering ways to deal with unpleasant feelings (e.g. fear of failure, guilt, perfectionism) and things that keep us stuck (e.g. procrastination)

  • exploring what works for you in terms of self-care, boundaries, sacrificial giving and emotionally sustainable living (in a way that makes sense in your season of life)

  • making space to reflect on what and Who really matters to you and how you can deepen your connection with them

  • coming up with solid plans for how you can start to make calm, fill your cup and master the chaos inside and outside, so you can look after yourself and the people who matter more effectively and sustainably (e.g. prioritising, work-life rhythms, communication, improving relationships etc)

And you'll leave with new perspectives, tools, take-home templates and ongoing support emails to help you implement your plan(s) and keep them going - so you can look after yourself and love and serve God and others more meaningfully and effectively!

  INVESTMENT - $79.00 per person  

(or as a thank you from me and the folks you serve,

enter THANKYOU at checkout and book for just $64.00 pp)

Download a PDF invitation to share here.


1000 - Welcome - Meet our facilitator, the group and the tools

1020 - Session 1 | Mastering stress and building resilience 

1230 - Lunch (BYO) - Enjoy fellowship or personal reflection overlooking Port Hacking

1315 - Session 2 | What hooks you and gets you off-track? How to catch and release it

1500 - Break - Afternoon tea (supplied) | Personal prayer and reflection 

1520 - Session 3 | Leaning into the mercy and compassion of God (and what we can learn from mama cats) 

1700 - Finish

Are you in? We'd love to have you. But book fast! Less than 25 spots are available and we won't be running this retreat again this year, so do register ASAP to save your spot.

Our beautiful venue, Bundeena House, Horderns Beach

Do you sometimes you feel like you've got the hardest job in the world? Between work and home and family and ministry, you have got so much stuff on your plate. You love Jesus, you care about what you do and who you do it for, but... the mental drain, the responsibilities, all the stuff you have to do... is it almost like they're ready to start sucking the life out of you?


Imagine getting to Sunday or Monday morning and having space to breathe. Even if three million things and people are clamouring for your attention - imagine knowing exactly how to unhook from the overwhelm, lean into God, and make calm immediately amidst the chaos. 


Imagine getting distance from the stuff that's draining you; feeling alive and thriving again.


Imagine being able to balance everything that you've got to do and want to do (for your kids, parents, partners, work, church, school, etc) with the needs you have as a child of God.


Imagine being equipped with real-life, down-to-earth, strategies that are tailor-made to work for you, on how can keep going, how can keep giving, how you can keep serving - and which help keep you healthy and thriving in ministry for the long-term!

Do you want this? Now? Then come relax, refresh, and revive! Join us for a just a few hours at the beach. Learn some new skills and perspectives that can completely shift how you can fill your cup instead of pouring yourself out and running on empty!


Come discover how you can master the pressures you face and throw off all that hinders and entangles - rather than having them master or hinder you

TIME       10am - 5pm

DATE       Saturday September 21st

PLACE     Bundeena House, Hordern's Beach, Bundeena

Not free from 10 - 5 on September 21st and want to be kept in the loop for 2020? Maybe you'd like this to run especially for your women's weekend away or your church group or organisation? For further information, contact me or check out the Paraclete Initiative: coming alongside God's people with practical, God-honouring tools to help you throw off all that hinders and set you free to love and serve others more meaningfully, effectively and sustainably.

Krystyna Kidson taking time out to help others fill their cup

Hey there, friend.


Are you crazy-busy? Worn out? Tired? 


Gladly pouring yourself out for others but battling to keep it all together under the pressure of work, kids, family, church, housework, finances, and all the other messiness and obligations of 21st century living, working and ministry? 

Want to stop feeling stuck or helpless and start feeling at peace, in control, and able to cope with it all? Yes?


Then you're in the right place and I'm really glad you're here! I'm Krystyna Kidson, an experienced Christian psychologist and coach who helps ultra-busy and overwhelmed people (from parents and workers to pastors and CEOs) master stress and prevent burnout, so they can be free to love and serve God and others more meaningfully, effectively and sustainably.


As head of the Paraclete Initiative, I help people live out Hebrews 12:1-3 - throwing off everything that hinders and the sin that entangles, running the race God's marked out for us and staying focused on Jesus, so we do not grow weary and lose heart. Want to find out more?  Come check it out.  

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