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Save your sanity & brain space

this Christmas with my

FREE schedule and checklist

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Master Schedule (6).jpg
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Christmas might be the season of love, goodwill, and "peace towards men" - but a lot of us women are insanely busy, on edge, frustrated, or stressed out by the craziness! 

To get through the chaos of this stressful season, download my three key planning tools.

Get all the details out of your head, down on paper, so you can breathe, relax, and be free to focus on doing what really matters for you this Christmas, with:

1. A master schedule with all the key jobs written down for you so you don't have to remember them,

2. A monthly tasks/events calendar to schedule your key tasks and events (to help you focus on the stuff that matters, not the trivial bits and pieces that can consume your time and emotional energy), and

3. A checklist to help you start and finish well! (Because it feels pretty good knowing exactly what you've got to do, what you've already got underway, and when you get to tick it off completely!)

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