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Stress LESS



Essential Stress Mastery: A 4 Week group coaching course

for hyper-busy, tired, or overwhelmed parents, workers or carers

Tired of having to keep track of everything and everyone? Getting overwhelmed with all the stuff you have to do? Been blind-sided by something and you don't know what to do or how to cope?


Come discover the essentials of stress mastery so you can start turning the dial down on stress and up on the rest of your life. 


Deal with the demands, problems and chaos.


Create peace and balance.


Pick up some practical tips and tools you can use to master the overwhelm of 21st century living and working, rather than have it master you!

Want to talk about stress? NO!!!.... But that's why you're here, right? 


Imagine it. Monday morning rolls around and you're doing-doing-doing-doing, trying to get stuff done - or you're trying, trying, trying, and things keep going wrong. You're yelling at the drop of a hat, your inner critic is frantically listing off everything that you've got to do (and everything you might do wrong), this acidic burn keeps pushing up from your gut to your eyes, and you've got no idea how you're going to get it all done and stay sane!


If you're hyper-busy, tired, or overwhelmed by the Monday madness or the loads and responsibilities you have to carry between life and work and family, this is for you. I'm Krystyna Kidson, an experienced psychologist and coach, and I help ultra-busy and stressed-out people master stress and prevent burnout, so they can be free to do what matters, when it matters, for the people who matter. 


I'd love you to join me. Come discover Essential Stress Mastery so you can start turning the dial down on stress (and the yelling and your inner critic and that burning feeling in your gut) and up on the rest of your life. Discover how you can make peace and balance amidst the mayhem, get some time and energy and emotion back, and be free to keep focusing on what and who really matters to you! 

​This is a small group coaching experience. Classes are capped at 10 people max per program (for individual attention) and run for 1 hour a week over 4 consecutive weeks (so it's easier to fit into your schedule). And don't worry - while everything you think and feel is welcome, you don't have to say it! And if you've got a question - you can contact me here.

COST (wallet-friendly!)

$97.00 per person prepaid. Covers all 4 sessions and training materials.


$30 per person per session, casual rate. These casual spots are available until 10 pre-paid tickets are booked for each class group. So if you intend to take this option, contact me first to make sure a spot is available to avoid disappointment. Cash payment is required at the start of each session.

Current classes available:

Sundays 4pm (September 1, 8, 15, 22) at Engadine Community Services

I often say that our mind, heart and body are like the engine of a car - together they power our actions and drive us wherever we need to go. But stress (of whatever kind - high workloads, lots of demands, life issues) can slow us down and wear us out, like oil or fuel impurities clogging up the engine. This can make it really hard for us to stay on track and keep on going wherever we want to go. 

Stress mastery coaching then is like tuning your car: it can improve your efficiency and fuel economy, and help keep you responsive, reliable, and resilient under pressure.

So here's the class schedule:

Week 1 - Mini Stress Health Check + Understand what drives you

Week 2 - Tools of the Trade 1

Week 3 - Tools of the Trade 2

Week 4 - Reset your GPS - The road ahead

0050_Kidson_230517 (2) 600.jpg

Some terms and conditions to be aware of before you click:

  1. Online booking closes in the week prior to each group starting.

  2. Prepaid sessions may be invoiced and paid via direct deposit at any time (assuming spots are still available). Just email me. 

  3. No cancellations or refunds within 10 days of the date of the first class. You may however transfer your entire booking to one other person with their permission after discussing it with me first.

  4. There are no make-up sessions. Once you're in, you're in! The process is yours to use as it works best for you. 

  5. Classes run with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 people. If minimum numbers have not been reached one week out, I reserve the right to cancel the class and will refund all monies paid (except merchant booking fees).

  6. This is general stress coaching and training, based on current research and best practice, designed to get you on the road towards stress mastery. It's not therapy or health or medical advice explicitly tailored to your needs. If you've been suffering significantly with stress for 2 weeks or more, it would be worth your while checking in with your GP or other health professional before classes start or through the course. 

So are you in? Ready to make a shift from just surviving to thriving through stress mastery? Yes?

Hit the red button and we'll see you there!

Hi, I'm Krystyna Kidson. I'm a Shire-based registered psychologist, coach, business owner, mum, wife, daughter and friend. I help ultra-busy or overwhelmed people master stress and prevent burnout but through coaching and training rather than therapy.

I have been working with my community for more than 15 years, offering people practical and powerful strategies that have helped thousands of others world-wide, so they can be free to work and care for themselves and their families more meaningfully,

effectively, and sustainably.

I hold a Masters of Clinical Psychology (Hons), a Bachelor of  Psychology (Hons), a Minor in Neuroscience, and I am a member with the International Association of Coaching.

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