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Helping mission-driven people get on with the business of transforming lives in a stress-filled world - even when they're overworked, overwhelmed, or burning out.

Are you mission-minded? A helper, healer or change-maker? Do you work to make a difference in the world around you? Then welcome! This is a place for those who serve others, who want to stress less, live more and serve well.  So if:

  • you love serving others and making a difference in their lives

  • you want to be more calm, present, focused, and effective 

  • something major is going on (making you lose sleep or feel on edge)

  • you want to stop yourself or others burning out from conflict or overwhelm

  • you want to help yourself and your people become more resilient under pressure; and/or

  • you want some effective, practical, no-woo-woo tools so you can master the stress, and thrive across life, work and mission...


You're in the right place! Read on, or check out my services and real life examples and contact me. My job is to enable you to keep going and serving and transforming lives. What do you need?

Krystyna has a warm, relaxed approach; working with mission-minded leaders and teams in the faith, nonprofit and social enterprise sectors

You're not alone, and we can do something about it.

It can be difficult to live and work well - even feel well - when we've been stuck living in a pandemic-ridden pressure-cooker. Expected to be in charge of everything and everyone; all-knowing; expected to drop everything to do what everyone else wants right now


It makes us tired. Can't quite focus. We don't feel like ourselves anymore. We're not present with our loved ones. Some days, there's this acidic burn pushing up from our gut to our eyes. Or our inner critics are frantically listing off everything that we've got to do (and everything we might do wrong), while we're still losing track of things, we feel completely stuck, or we're not sure how to keep going! 

This is stress. It can be triggered by emotional issues, financial worries, trauma, conflict, work demands, illness, spiritual overload, professional dramas, systemic changes, and collective and global pressures and crises.


No matter where we come from or what we do for a living, stress happens to all of us and affects all of us. It distracts us, drains us, makes us cranky or numb, and moves us away from the people and things that actually matter.

But what if things could be different?

Every year, more than 30% of the Australian workforce experiences significant stress, and more than 70% of those people will not get enough support. (And that's before the bushfires and floods and pandemic hit!)
But there is hope:

  • If you and/or your group is stressed and you haven't done anything about it - you're not alone, and you can do something about it.

  • According to industry research, these kinds of interventions put an average of $2.30 back in the organisation's pocket per dollar invested (and can go as high as $5.00 per dollar invested)!

  • You can create peace and calm out of chaos and stress, and 

  • You can be free to get on with the business of transforming lives. (Maybe even your own!)

I work with individuals and groups, both online and face-to-face, in your space and/or in mine, for one session or for as long as you need. My job is to come alongside you with evidence-based tools so that we can help you:

  • turn the dial down on stress and chaos and busyness and procrastination

  • become more relaxed and focused and present,

  • reduce the overwhelm and move calmly through all the demands, 

  • harness your gifts, resources, and abilities,

  • reconnect with what really matters, and

  • learn how to master stress and burnout, rather than having them master you

Does this sound like what you're after?  Contact me to book something in. You really don't have to go through this alone. 

Krystyna crafts current research in neuroscience, health, psychology, workplace wellness and spirituality into strategies that work for her clients.
In a chronically busy and expensive world, I know it can be really hard to justify the time and expense of coaching or supervision. But given the state of things - what you're feeling - can you afford not to?
Krystyna helps people craft useful action plans to improve their resilience, restore their energy, and make wise choices in their lives, workplaces, and relationships

I know this has been on your mind for a while, and that you'll get around to dealing with this eventually! But please consider:
1. If you/ your colleagues have been living with this for more than two weeks, it's unlikely to resolve without some specific action. While you are best placed to make that action, I'm guessing you've ended up here because you're not sure what that should be.
2. Stress takes our time, energy and focus away from the moment - and right now, this moment, is the only time we ever have to act. So when we get consumed by stress or stuck inside our heads, that's another moment gone and we can never, ever get it back. That's hours, days - maybe even years - of potential lost. 
So absolutely keep everything going - but remember that for every moment stress consumes, it's gone. So how about we keep that time and make it count?

So why me? I'm all about grace, grit, and resilience.

I started my career in 2004 in clinical psychology, helping people manage a huge range of stressors - emotional distress, relationship struggles, work challenges and changes, parenting issues, chronic pain and illness, and the search for meaning and purpose in the midst of stress and suffering.


Then I had kids, developed a chronic stress-triggered illness myself, discovered coaching - and was completely won over by how coaching builds people up, inspiring and empowering them to dig in and grow using everything they have (even the resources and strengths they don't realise they have)!


Now I'm a registered psychologist, professional supervisor, certified trauma professional, coach, trainer, and speaker. I help the helpers - folks in nonprofit, health, education, social enterprise and faith sectors -  build resilience, master stress, and prevent burnout. I'm an encourager who cares about her clients and puts their needs front and centre; using my background - in health, neuroscience, coaching, psychology, theology, spirituality and ministry - so they can stress less, live more and work well. 


I'm also the founder of the Paraclete Initiative and Resident Psychologist at the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT Churches, coming alongside church and parachurch leaders and organisations with faith-honouring tools and strategies, so they can throw off whatever hinders and be free to love and serve God and lead others meaningfully and sustainably. 


My clients and I work across the issues at home and work, identifying the triggers and pressures, collaborating and developing specific strategies and solutions for the specific challenges affecting their lives, workplaces and organisations. We fine-tune their skills, equipping them with new perspectives, tools, hope, and direction so that they can hang on and do what matters, when it matters, for the people who matter... and thrive. 

Want to know how this could look for you or your team? Let's talk! The quicker we move on this, the more effective our work, your work, and your people will become, and the quicker you can notice a difference.

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