Feeling tired or stressed or overwhelmed - or just over it? Want to feel more alive, at peace, focused? Great - you're in the right place, and I'm really glad you're here!


If your mind keeps going into overdrive, trying to manage everything, leaving you feeling on edge, cranky, or just checking out of things - I can help. If there's something specific going on, making your heart race and your head pound or you're losing sleep at night or time with the people you love - let's talk. Want some effective, practical, reliable, no-woo-woo tools and processes so that even in the midst of life's craziness and chaos, you can stress less and live more and work well? This is what I'm all about!


So please have a look around, check out  my services,  get to know me a little and if you like what you see, contact me  here  and I'll give you a call. I'm here for you - let me know what you need.

Krystyna Kidson, specialising in stress management coaching

Stress gets to all of us

No matter our profession, income level, family life, or worldview, stress happens to all of us, in all areas of life, work and health.


It can be triggered by personal relationships, emotional experiences, work responsibilities or dramas, physical health issues, spiritual events, intellectual or professional issues,  even stuff in our environment and ecology (e.g. drought, government policy). And, once the pressure has hit in one area, because we are human in all these areas at the same time, the stress can ricochet and create problems in other areas. 


It can be difficult to live well under stress. When you're:

  • overwhelmed

  • exhausted

  • struggling to concentrate 

  • feeling on edge or snappy

  • having trouble relaxing or enjoying things

  • having problems sleeping

  • avoiding things

  • losing interest in being with or helping others, or

  • losing interest in sex...


Well, you can imagine how these common stress symptoms would interfere with your life and work and relationships! But what if we could master stress, rather than having it master us?

Every year, more than 30% of the Australian workforce experiences significant stress, and more than 70% of those people will not get enough support. The good news is:

  • If you and/or your group is stressed and you haven't done anything about it - you're not alone!

  • You can do something about it. 

  • You can create peace in the short term and, in the long term, side-step the havoc stress can wreck on yourself, your mind, and your home and work life.

This is where I come in. My job is to come alongside you, and together discover what works best for you so you can

  • become more relaxed and focused,

  • stop struggling with the chaos and busyness,

  • be equipped to move and work calmly through all the demands, 

  • harness your gifts, resources, and abilities,

  • reconnect with what really matters, and

  • learn how to master stress, rather than having it master you


We can work together 1:1 at a site convenient to you, you can come to one of my group retreats or classes, or I can come to your organisation and run retreats, workshops or seminars for your group. 

Does this sound like what you're after?   Contact me  to book something in - you don't have to try to do it alone. 

Krystyna offers a variety of styles and methods of coaching and training to assist people in stress management in all areas of life and work.
In a chronically busy and expensive world, it's really hard to justify the time and expense of coaching.
Krystyna Kidson, starting a stress management plan for the person who is actually really busy.
And I know you'll get around to dealing with this eventually! But please consider:
1. If you've been living with this for more than two weeks, it's unlikely to resolve without some specific action. While you are best placed to make that action - I'm guessing you've ended up here because you haven't quite figured out what/how to make it work yet.
2. Stress takes our time, energy and focus away from the moment - and right now, this moment, is the only time we ever have to act. So when you get lost in stress, focused on the future or stewing over the past, that's another moment gone and you can never, ever get it back. That's hours, days - maybe even years - of potential lost. 
So absolutely keep busy keeping everything going - but remember that for every moment stress catches, you've lost another. How about we keep that time and make it count?
Once upon a time, I was a clinical psychologist, helping people manage a huge range of stressors - emotional distress, relationship struggles, work challenges and changes, parenting issues, communication, chronic pain and illness, and the search for meaning and purpose in the midst of stress and suffering.
Then I had kids, developed a stress-based illness myself, discovered coaching - and was completely won over by how coaching empowers people to grow and transform using everything they have (especially the resources and strengths they don't yet realise they possess)!
These days I'm a registered psychologist, running my own coaching practice to help individuals and organisations master stress and prevent burnout. I also head the Paraclete Initiative, which blends psychology, theology and spirituality to build sustainability in Christian ministry.
I build warm and encouraging relationships with my clients with their needs front and centre; drawing on my background in health, coaching, neuroscience, and psychology, so they can stress less, live more and work well. 
Together, we nail down custom-tailored solutions for the stresses in their lives, workplaces and organisations. We collaborate, fine-tune their skills, equipping them with new perspectives, tools, hope, and direction so that they can hang on to what and who really matters, when it matters.  
Is this what you're looking for? Check out my services or events page or call or email me to talk about how this might look for you. I'd love to speak with you. 


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